January 7-11

Monday– Students took a spelling pretest and decided on their words for the week.  7th grade is on list 10, and 8th grade is on list 8.  The students also practiced adverbs by completing an adverb packet, and we started reading chapter 7 (we will have time to finish reading this chapter in class tomorrow).

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.

Tuesday– We worked on a worksheet about adverbs and adjectives.  Students need to read chapter 7 for tomorrow.

Wednesday– We played a game of adjective and adverb taboo, took a pop quiz over chapter 7, and had a discussion about the information presented in the chapter.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.

Thursday– We read chapter 8 together as a class and discussed the material as we went.  We also reviewed adverbs because we will be having a quiz on adverbs tomorrow.  We continued a game of a adjective and adverb taboo.

Homework: Review adverbs for quiz tomorrow (use notes we took in class).  Spelling test tomorrow (make sure you turned in spelling homework from yesterday)

Friday- Snow day today, so enjoy your day off!  We will take the adverb quiz and spelling test on Monday.


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