January 2-4

Wednesday– We took notes on adverbs.  Adverbs are very tricky, so I would take advantage of any extra practice you can do outside of class.  We also read chapter 6 in A Case for Christ.

Homework: Answer the deliberation questions (eyewitness tests) in complete, full sentences for tomorrow.  Finish reading chapter 6.

Thursday– We did review notes on the difference between adverbs and prepositions.  We also played an adverb sorting game and had some time to finish reading chapter 6 and looking over the homework due today.

Homework: Finish reading chapter 6.  There may be a pop quiz!

Friday– We took a pop quiz over chapter 6- remember to be doing the assigned reading to help with future pop quizzes!!  We also had a discussion on some of the topics covered in chapters 5 and 6.


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