January 2-4

Wednesday– Welcome back!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break and is ready to start a new year!
We had some fun things happen on our first day back.  We had chapel today with our very own Mr. Bera- ask your child if he/she remembers any loon facts!  We also took the afternoon to do our annual geography bee with the 5-8 graders.

The students are working on adverbs in language arts and are finishing up 1st drafts of a picture book.  The picture book needs to focus on characterization.  You can make your characters strong by making them complex (include the good, the bad, and the odd), adding a physical description, writing a character description before writing the story, and making the main conflict about the character’s wants/needs.  Remember that you also need to include minor characters.  Minor characters move the story along (This is why we decided on main characters first, then planned the plot, and lastly decided on minor characters in our pre-writing activity.  At the pivotal turns in our plot, we added minor characters to be involved in making those changes happen).

Homework: Finish 1st draft of picture book for tomorrow.

Adverbs are really tricky, so I encourage students to work on them at home.

Thursday– We had a longer language arts class to do an adverb game and work on our characterization picture books.  The students are doing quite well with adverbs, but you may want to continue studying them at home.

In Heritage, we talked about the culture of the 1920’s and prohibition.  We even practiced the Charleston, a dance that became popular in that time period, together!  Here is the video we watched to learn the Charleston step:

Homework: Some students revised their first draft of their book and worked on rewriting today.  They need to be ready to write in the actual book for tomorrow.

We are postponing the final geography bee to tomorrow because one of the finalists was sick.  

Friday– Our classroom did well in the geography bee- some of our students made it in the top 10!  Awesome job everyone!!

Homework: Final picture book is due on Monday.  It should be neatly written with correct spelling and grammar, illustrated, and focused on characterization.


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