December 17-21

Monday– We finished talking about the seven churches in Revelation today.  We have been examining how the letters to the churches follow a specific pattern, and we have been growing in our knowledge of Revelation.  We are starting a week long project on advertising in the 1920’s compared to advertising today.  We went over some 1920’s slang today that can be added to our advertisement (which is the bee’s knees)!

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.

Note: Remember to bring your secret Santa gift on Thursday.  We want to have it by Thursday so there’s no chance of forgetting it on Friday.  Students know who they have and can only spend up to $6.  Students can also bring a snack on Friday (either for themselves or to share).  

Tuesday– A couple students may need to finish a worksheet on prepositional phrases and major/minor characters.  Everyone was asked to go home tonight and read a shampoo bottle to look at advertising (especially how information is written in a persuasive way).  Students may want to bring items to help them with making an advertising poster on Wednesday or props for a commercial on Thursday.

Wednesday– Substitute teacher

Thursday– Spelling homework is due today.  Students worked on the planning portion of a writing assignment (we will be making picture books focusing on major and minor characters).




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