December 10-14

Monday– We took our Heritage exam today.  If you are interested in seeing your grade online, you can log into your account on engrade.  There is a tab on the right (on this site) that you can click.

Students: Please, please remember to bring your book tomorrow for language arts.

We go on our field trip tomorrow!  We won’t have afternoon classes because we will leave for the food shelf at 12:10.

Tuesday– We had a fun filled day today!  We were able to fit Exploratory Time into our morning, so the students worked on their houses this morning.  After lunch, we went to the food shelf.  The students had a wonderful time helping out!  Several students commented about how good it felt to do something to help other people, and they all said they would do it again!

Wednesday– We had chapel today and talked more about plate boundaries and faults.

We did an introductory lesson on the roaring twenties and watched a clip starring the actor Charlie Chaplin.  Charlie Chaplin became popular in the 1920’s.  This clip is from the movie “The Kid” which came out in 1921.  You can find his movies online or you might be interested in renting one of his films.

Click here for the pictures of the advertisements


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