December 10-14

Monday– Students picked their spelling words, read chapter 3, and filled out a worksheet.

Spelling homework is due on Thursday as usual.  There will not be a letter this week (as we’re in this book unit we won’t be writing letters unless I specifically assign one.  We aren’t given extra time to read our own book choice, so I don’t think it’s fair to assign a letter).

Case 4 Christ- Chapter 3

Tuesday– Students read chapter 4 today, and they filled out a worksheet on the chapter.  Students do not need to fill out the prophecy section of the worksheet.  We’ll do that tomorrow in class.

Case 4 Christ- Chapter 4

Wednesday– We did a book talk on The Seventh Tower series.  These books are at a little bit lower reading difficulty, so they would be a great book to read if you’ve been picking too challenging books.  They are fantasy books with real-life shadows, magical crystals, and an other worldly caste system.

We met in groups today to discuss what we’ve learned so far and to critique whether or not each of the author’s questions were answered effectively.

Students need to complete a journal response in their reader’s notebooks.  Write the question they critiqued as the title.  Write a summary of your evaluation underneath.

Thursday– We worked on prepositions, and we met in groups to prepare a presentation on why Jesus wasn’t crazy.  We will finish these projects tomorrow and present them to the other groups.


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