December 3-7

Monday– We finished reading to the end of the unit in Heritage, and we filled out a science study guide.  Students need to complete their study guides at home if they didn’t do so in class.  There will be an exam on Wednesday.
We started typing our national anthem essays today after watching the following video.  What an inspirational story!

Tuesday– The students are wrapping up the first draft of our essay.  We also took some time today to work on our Spanish and talked about the parts of our body.  The kids did a wonderful job!

There is a science exam tomorrow.  Remember that you need to know the difference between homozygous and heterozygous.  The essay question on the exam will be “Is cloning wrong?”

Wednesday– Pastor Michael Knott spoke in chapel today and gave a message on how children can do some things better than adults!  We took a science exam today.  If you got a B- or lower, you can correct your test for some extra points.  We are very close to finishing our unit on WWI and have spent some time in the past couple days reviewing the events of WWI. You can prepare for the Heritage exam by reading through the unit in the textbook straight through.

Thursday– We started a new unit in language arts and science.  In language arts, we are learning how to analyze character traits, and we are getting a preview of what reader’s workshop will be like in 7th and 8th grade. Students will need to decide on a “just right” book they want to read (bring one from home or check one out from school).

Our new unit in science is on earthquakes and volcanoes.  We learned about the three types of plate boundaries.  We used oreos to visualize how the different plate boundaries move.  Click here for a link to the activity we did!

Homework: Grammar Packet and spelling homework are due today.  Students need to bring WWI timelines home to finish.  We will be taking a spelling test tomorrow.

Friday– We took a spelling test today, had reading buddies, and filled out a study guide for Heritage.  We will be taking the Heritage exam on WWI Monday, Dec. 10th.  Remember to study over the weekend!!

Click the link here to read about the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est.”  Students will be asked to write about the meaning of the poem on the essay section of the exam.

Click the link here for an overview of World War I.

Homework: Study for Monday’s exam on WWI.  Bring the book you are reading to class.  This will be one of the required texts for language arts as we start the next unit.  Some student have homework in language arts (worksheet on character traits).

*Note: Our field trip to the food shelf has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 11th.  We will be leaving the school at about 12:10 and returning before the bus leaves.  They have prepared a tour for us and a volunteer project.

Grades are up online.  Use the username and password sent home to access your grades.  The site is a little finicky in that it sometimes changes the points of assignments on the student account (this has never been by more than one or two points).  


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