December 3-7

Monday– Students picked their spelling words today (10 regular words and 1 bonus word).  We started a new unit where we will be reading A Case for Christ [Student Edition].  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to read a nonfiction text and bolster our faith!  I couldn’t be more excited to kick this off!

Tuesday- We took notes on sola scriptura in response to yesterday’s class discussion.  We also did a role playing activity, and filled out pre-reading vocabulary.

Homework: Fill out before reading section of the worksheet.

Wednesday– Students worked on a grammar packet, read pages 7-16 in A Case for Christ, and completed the after reading section of their worksheet.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Students need to complete anything they didn’t finish in class for tomorrow.

Thursday– We discussed whether or not it is okay to ask questions about faith.  We compared Zachariah and Elizabeth’s response to an angel of the Lord bringing news about the John the Baptist and Jesus being born.

In their reader’s notebooks, students should have the following written into the letter section of their notebooks:

  • Journal Response 1: Do you think it’s alright to ask questions about faith?
  • List of possible objections a person might have towards believing in Jesus Christ
  • 5-8 sentence on the following prompt: Is it possible to be a rational, intelligent person and believe in Jesus Christ?  Do you have to put aside your mind and accept Christianity on blind faith alone?

Friday– We took a spelling test, wrote notes on the attributes of God, and read chapter 2

In reader’s notebook:

  • 5-8 sentence summary of chapter 2 [paragraph format]
  • 1 paragraph reflection on how God’s attributes are different from mankind’s attributes.

Homework: Students need to finish chapter 2 and write the two paragraphs (summary and reflection) into their reader’s notebooks.

*Spelling homework is due on Thursday as usual, but we will not be doing a letter this week.


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