November 26-30

Monday- The students previewed the book of Revelation today.  We will be starting a new unit on Revelation tomorrow.  In science, we did more advanced work with Punnett squares.  The green SpongeBob worksheet will be due Wednesday.  

Link to SpongeBob worksheet

Some students did not have their Island of the Blue Dolphins persuasive essay finished for today.  Remember to complete it tonight because we want to start some peer editing on our work.

Tuesday– Students started typing a persuasive essay in language arts.  We started reading background information about the book of Revelation, and we were introduced to Lenin in Heritage.  Permission slips were sent out to attend the field trip and the SpongeBob worksheet will be due tomorrow.

Wednesday– For chapel today, we practiced our lines for the Christmas program.  It’s coming up fast, so remember to practice!  Most students finished typing their persuasive essay.  If they didn’t finish, they will need to stay in for recess or save it on a flash drive to work on at home.  In science, we used our expert knowledge of genetics to create construction paper pets based only on the parent genes!  The students are getting really good at Punnett squares and understanding genetics!

Homework: Misfit Words (Heritage worksheet) and permission slips

Thursday– Unfortunately, the director of the food shelf called this morning to postpone our field trip due to a staff emergency.  We weren’t able to go on the field trip today, but we will reschedule for a later date.  We ended up having a somewhat regular afternoon.  We finished the genetics unit in science, and we had some free time in Heritage to make up for not being able to go on the field trip.

We also started a new essay in language arts.  We have been given the opportunity to participate in an essay contest, and I’m requiring that all the students participate.  The students have to respond to the prompt “what does the national anthem mean to you?”  Since we just finished writing an opinion essay on The Island of the Blue Dolphins, it sets us up perfectly to knock this out of the park.  The winning essay in each grade division will receive a $50 gift card to Target, so I hope that’s an incentive to be thinking about the prompt at home!

Friday– Today we started writing words of encouragement to our classmates and posted them on the window during Bible class.  We continued working on the pre-writing stage of our essays in language arts.  Many students have to complete their graphic organizer over the weekend. It will be due Monday.  Click Here for an extra copy.

I am working on getting grades online so that each family can access their child’s grade at any time.  You can activate your account by using the username and password sent home with your child.  I plan to have all the grades entered for Monday.

Note:  We are going on a field trip to the food shelf on Thursday afternoon!  We will be leaving at 1:15 and getting back before the bus leaves.  We will be touring their new location.  I’m very excited about this trip because it’s a great tie in to our Christmas program and will allow us to see what happens to our donated food items.


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