October 12-16

Monday– We spent a lot of time going over spelling homework today.  Both 5th and 6th grade are starting on List 1.  We have a pretest on Monday before the students have had a chance to practice their words.  After the pretest, they can see which words they don’t know.  This will help the students pick 10 spelling words to study for the week.  They should pick 10 words that they struggled with on the pretest from List 1, along with one bonus word.
Click Here for a link to spelling homework.  Spelling homework is due every Thursday by the end of the day.  The students choose 20 points worth of activities to practice their spelling words each week.  It sounds complicated, but it will become routine after a couple weeks of spelling.

We also created a double helix with licorice and marshmallows.  It was a fun activity to demonstrate pairing of the bases.

Tuesday– We watched the following video entitled “What is DNA and How Does it Work?” Click on the title to watch the video at home! I found the video to be helpful in putting it in terms the kids can understand.  Another awesome project to do at home is to create a DNA origami.  Here is the link: Origami DNA.  I will give students extra credit for making this at home and bringing it in. It’s not as difficult as it looks (especially if you have a color printer).

Wednesday– Today we were lucky enough to have Ms. Longtime speak in chapel.  She talked about how life isn’t always fair, but we can be very thankful it isn’t since Christ bore the weight of our sin.
We also spent our afternoon discovering what it would have been like to live in the trenches of WWI.  We finished up our internet research and did a trench simulation in the outer building.


The kids know how much I LOVE Horrible Histories, so I wanted to post the videos we watched in class today.


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