October 12-16

Monday– The students were given a script that we will be using this week for reader’s theatre.  They completed a vocabulary activity and picked out their spelling words.

Tuesday– The students decided on the tone of the script.  They read through the script again and highlighted phrases and sentences where the tone of the script came through the writing.

Having trouble understanding tone?  Click on the links: Description of Tone and Tips of How to Analyze Tone in Literature (somewhat more involved than what we need)

Wednesday– We discussed tone and mood today.  We talked about how tone is the author’s overall attitude towards the story and mood is the reader’s attitude/feelings towards the story.  The students were to fill out this worksheet and identify the tone of the book they’re reading.  Everyone finished early, so no one has homework tonight.

I am pushing letters and spelling homework to next week.  Letters are due 11-21 and spelling homework is due 11-20.


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