October 6-9

Tuesday– No homework today.  Students took a science exam on the immune system, and they tested their bottle rockets.

Wednesday– No homework today.  We started a new science unit on genetics and DNA, and we acted as spies to smuggle a copy of the Schlieffen Plan out of Germany.  We also played a game of spoons to review incomplete and run-on sentences in language arts.

Thursday– We have been talking about the gospel being presented to the Gentiles.  We illustrated Acts 10-11 in class today.  We are also starting a Webquest that has excellent information about life in the trenches.  The students will be using the links below to gather information and complete the assignment (this will take a couple days).

Link to Webquest

Link to Interactive

Homework: Students need to finish vocab (writing antonyms and synonyms for each vocab word) if not completed in class.  They also need to finish a two paragraphs on setting if not completed in class.

Reminder: Students need to have all their work in by Friday to go curling.  Please turn in permission slips as soon as possible.


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