September 24-28

Monday– We were lucky today to have both gym and art.  We also took a Heritage exam over Unit 1 (maps and globes).  For homework students are expected to complete the cause and effect worksheet that we worked on in language arts.

Tuesday– We really enjoyed our Exploratory Time today!  Students are expected to study pages 330-331 in their science textbook.  We will have a quiz on neurons tomorrow and will finish making our beaded neurons (pictures to come).  Some students may need to bring home an informational book to find examples of cause and effect sentences.

Wednesday– See You at the Pole and music!

Heritage- We are creating a blueprint of a 1903 automobile.  Use the follow links to help you with your creation.

Things to remember:

  • It’s the early 1900’s—the look of the auto should be based on horse-drawn carriages, not 21st century cars.
  • This automobile will be expensive, so it’s got to appeal to the consumer. Make it look good.
  • The power source doesn’t have to be gasoline. Many early automobiles used electric batteries or burned coal/wood to produce steam. You do not need to draw a detailed engine, but you will need to decide where the engine should be located and which type you’d like to use.
  • Paved roads didn’t exist outside of cities and even most city roads are dirt or gravel. The car may need to go across country without any road to follow.
  •  Engines of the day weren’t very powerful. The automobile shouldn’t be too large or heavy or it won’t make it over a hill, let alone a mountain. The Winton was one of the most powerful autos of the time, with a 20 horsepower engine. A 21st century SUV has a 200 horsepower engine.
  • Early automobiles had tillers for steering wheels.  This was a single lever used to shift between 2 or 3 gears.  See picture: Click Here

Homework: Language Arts- Compare and Contrast Worksheet and Read article about early automobiles and take notes

Thursday– We were excited to celebrate a birthday in our class today!  We also started a new unit on the book of Acts in Bible class and played a game of synaptic tag.

Heritage: Review notes on the first automobiles.  Today we are going to draw a blueprint for our own automobile using the information we gathered.  You will draw a side profile of your car and label its parts.  Do not copy the Model T blueprint.  You are combining elements you like to make your own car.  Things to consider: Does this look like an early 20th century tire, steering wheel, etc?  Do I need to have a place to store extra parts on my car?  If so, what extra parts might a 20th century car need?  What type of power source am I using (i.e. steam engine, gas)?  What type of car does the consumer need?

Friday- Happy Friday everyone!  Next time we meet, it’ll be October!  Some students didn’t finish their Bible and Language Arts work in class and will need to have it done for Monday (Matthias and the Eleven, Subject Pronouns, and Object Pronouns).

Here are some photos of the projects we’ve been working on.  There is a beaded neuron and a brain hat.


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