February 21-24

Tuesday, Feb. 21– We are doing an introduction to our next unit on poetry!

Homework: The rough draft of the science fair research paper and bibliography are due

Wednesday, Feb. 22- We will continue the lesson from the previous day.  We will fill out a graphic organizer from a poem of our choice.

Homework: Take home the poem and graphic organizer if not completed in class.

Thursday, Feb 23– We will be breaking into partner groups to work on poetry stations.  We will also be looking at a PowerPoint on linking verbs.

Homework: There will be a quiz on the helping verbs on Friday.  Students may want to memorize the list in song form to help them memorize! Link to helping verbs song

Friday, Feb 24- We will take a quiz on the helping verbs.  Students will be required to come up with all 23 helping verbs.  We will share the poems we wrote with each other and have some time to free read poetry.

Friday we are having our spelling bee!  Remember to study your words this week!


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