February 6-10

Monday, Feb 6– We are viewing a PowerPoint on transitive and intransitive verbs.  We will create a spider web of topics and subtopics for a research paper we are doing in class.Link to PowerPoint: Transitive and Intertransitive Verbs

Homework: Complete problems 6-10 in the verbs packet and finish web

Tuesday, Feb 7– We are creating an 8 question quiz for a friend using transitive and intransitive verbs (we will correct in class).  We will start taking notes on index cards for our research paper.

Homework: Web, problems 6-10, and spelling words are due

Wednesday, Feb 8– We will be finishing up our research and creating an outline

Thursday and Friday– We will spend these days writing the first draft of our research paper.

Homework: The outline is due on Thursday and the first draft on Monday, Feb 13

Note: We are creating our own spelling lists this week.  Each student will choose 10 words they don’t know to study this week.  On Friday, the students will give each other the final spelling test.  I want to approve each student’s list on Tuesday.


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