Nov 8-11

Monday, Nov. 7– Enjoy your day off of school!

Tuesday, Nov. 8– We will be doing a little bit of rereading to help improve our comprehension of the story “Through the Gates of Splendor.”  We will start working on writing our pros and cons essay.

Homework- Bring spelling home and start studying. Link to spelling list and activities online. 

Wednesday, Nov. 9– We will be finishing our pros and cons essays.  We will also be breaking into groups to peer edit our work.

Homework: Finish peer editing at home if not finished in class.  Continue to read at home and work on spelling.

Thursday, Nov. 10– We will be rewriting our pros and cons essay.  Time will be given in class to rewrite, to work on letters, and to do some independent reading.

Spelling Homework is Due

Friday, Nov. 11– We will use our essays and knowledge of the story to break into debate teams.  Come prepared to discuss!

Weekly Letter and Pros and Cons Essay are Due


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